Jokes of Interest

May 6

You frequently refer to a chat where "Irrelevants" talk. Is this some sort of chat other members of the fandom can participate in or is it exclusive to a handful of Irrelevants? I've been a fan of POI for awhile now but I'm new to its fan community online.

Yes, indeed! The chat we refer to is the Irrelevants Chat, which is open to everyone. However, we’re mostly in the chat late on weekdays (about 8-12 pm central) and possibly on weekends. We live-chat episodes and generally get on about the show. 

The best way to know if the chat’s active is when we post a link to it in the tag. Another great way to know is to follow the chat’s blog!  Shamless self-promotion answer over. 


Hiatus Fics / Three Sentence Fics

Name: Hiatus Fics / Three Sentence Fics

Origin: If you can’t tell, this show has a LOT of hiatuses. Every few episodes there seems to be this insane need for a break and start reruns once again. However, the Irrelevants were quite clever and took something good out of an annoying situation - Hiatus fics. In other words, fics when the show is on hiatus. These fics are in three sections - hence the ‘three sentence fics’ title for them.

Relevance when used: When people are stating they are accepting prompts for “three sentence fics” or “hiatus fics” it simply means you can send then prompts and they will attempt to write a short piece based off your idea. It’s quite fun!


"Time for some new Three Sentence fics you guys! Send your prompts in."

"I wrote this for the hiatus fics, hope you enjoy it :)"

NOTE: To see past fics , I suggest searching through the PoI Hiatus Fics tag.


Name: Over-Identification

Origin: It’s well known that Reese can…pretty much identify with anyone if they have problems. Hell, if you spilled your juice box I’m sure he could relate with some traumatizing story involving Mark and the elementary school lunch table. Point is, he OVER-identifies with anyone. That includes the lengthily stares at the latest Number as well. Thus, Over-Identification jokes were made. 

Relevance when used: It’s really quite self-explanatory. If Reese stares at someone for too long, he’s over-identifying and is pondering how to emotionally connect to them as well. This includes any and all communication with people that Reese has, so the relevance is simply put.



"Reese I swear to god if you start bonding with the rock i will be sO DONE." 

Ingram The Troll

Name: Ingram The Troll

Origin: A gif of Nathan Ingram nodding in an amused fashion was edited by one of our more fabulous Irrelevants. We all proclaimed that Nathan must be the king of trolling due to him selling The Machine for one dollar in an earlier episode.

Relevance when used: This term is to state how much of a troll Mr. Ingram is. You can use any of these gifs to help express your emotions or intent to troll as well! Think of it as fun for the whole fandom~


"I swear to god are they being serious?"

Jan 9

Sassy Gay Fusco

Name: Sassy Gay Fusco

Origin: In one of the promo shots, Fusco was posed in a rather… flamboyant fashion. Such a pose was reminiscent of Sassy Gay Friend - a popular series on Youtube. This concept was used to its greatest potential through photo edits, and thus sassy gay Fusco was created. 

Relevance when used: This term is to demonstrate the sass of Lionel Fusco. Pretty much if Fusco is being a lovable flamboyant man who is having none of your shit, then this term applies. 


"Mmmhmm, Fusco is having none of your shit."
"Sassy Gay Fusco is on your case."


Harold Potter


((Credit photo to Naturepound))

Name: Harold Potter

Origin: Started when a group conversation in the Irrelevant’s Room turned into a discussion on how Harry Potter would transition into Person of Interest. Eventually this sprung into a comparison chart.

Relevance when used: No real meaning, but there are some great terms if you want to compare the characters to the Harry Potter universe. It is all in good fun.


"Harold Potter; you don’t pick The Machine, The Machine picks you."


Name: Rusco (Fusco/Reese)

Origin: Started when people began to romantically ship the characters John Reese and Lionel Fusco together, this is just a creative mash of their names.

Relevance when used: Rusco/Fuscreese is just a term you will use if you are implying a relationship between Fusco and Reese. If you are reading fanfiction, there is a good chance that this term wil be used.

"Warning: This fic is RUSCO. Don’t like? DON’T READ." 

"Fusco totally wanted Reese’s hotdog"
"Oooh, you be shipping some Rusco tonight!"
"Ooh bby" 

we also need one for agias. we BADLY need one.

Oh dear, the AGIAS one is going to take awhile to do, mainly because it’s still updating. But I’ll try to at least get a start on it tonight. 


you should do one for Fuscreese. -slips anonymously and mysteriously into her corner-


I’ll try to get it done tonight, anon! Thanks for the idea :)



This is just Shecka following Liz’s lead with the ship names.

Name: Inch

Origin: Derived from the names Ingram and Finch.

Relevance when used: When defining a pairing you fancy, you generally use a ship name. The ship name for Ingram/Finch is Inch. Instead of saying Ingram/Finch is your favourite ship, you can also say Inch. Consider it chat shipping slang. 

“What’s your OTP?”
"Inch Inch Inch Inch."

"Oh dear lord, what did Nathan do?"
"That was an Inch moment right there, folks."

Notes: An ‘Incher’ is a person who ships Ingram and Finch together romantically.