Jokes of Interest

Mar 1


Joke name: Mark. Normally preceded by or used as an expletive.

Origin:  ’Twas the night after Number Crunch (1.10) and all through the chat, there was hatred for Mark and his stupid trap. When an Irrelevant’s computer up and died in a start, she came back in anger, yelling “GODDAMMIT, MARK.” So the expletive stuck and here to this day, when shit hits the fan, shout that dick’s name. 

Relevance when used: When anything goes wrong—from the chat accidentally crashing to Tumblr not working—Mark Snow is to blame. Always. In fact, if anything bad happens anywhere, we blame it on him. We’ll just scream out “MARK” in angry caps. 

Note: “Mark” can also be used as a verb or adjective, though rarely.  


"The chat closed on me again. DAMMIT, MARK." 
"MAAAARK." "What’s wrong?" "I stubbed my toe."
"What a Marking jackass."