Jokes of Interest

Mar 6

John Reese is a Unicorn

I absolutely had to use Blingee for this one. How the hell do you not? SPARKLES.

Joke Name: John Reese is a Unicorn 

Origins: Our friend Nat over @goddammitmark posted the above picture minus the awful blingee I did with the tags #he looks so majestic #like a unicorn. From then on, we simply inferred that Reese is a magical creature of hot. It didn’t help that in 1.12, Andrea outright stated that Reese could be "the unicorn she was looking for." And then it was law

Relevance when used: If we call Reese a unicorn, we mean he’s a majestic creature made of heaven and stubble. If we refer to him as “majestic,” we’re referring to this. This joke comes packaged with a lot of “riding” jokes. Just a warning.

"Ohmygaaaad, Reese is so hot." 
"No. He’s majestic.” 

"Guys, why is Reese so perfect?" 
"He’s a unicorn. That’s why." 
"I’d like to ride that magic horse~"