Jokes of Interest


Breakfast of Interest

Joke name: Breakfast of Interest.

Origins: In a large group conversation, one of our members (Kala) stated that she was making sausage. Tasty enough, but the Irrelevants soon compared the meat to Reese’s manhood, which soon connected to the pun of Carter’s breakfast ‘syrup’ and now we have a lovely selection of Person of Interest breakfast foods.

Relevance when used: Basically, it’s used to ruin your breakfast or to make perverted jokes. Here is a full list of translations:

Reese - Sausage
Finch - Eggs
Carter - Syrup
Fusco - Pancake
Ingram - Bacon
Will - Ham
Ty-Ty - Coffee
Elias - Spoiled Milk
Mark - Burnt Toast
Zoe - Whipped Cream


"What are you eating?"
"You better dip Reese in some Carter before you swallow him."

"Yummm pancakes!"
"Is Carter on top of Fusco yet?"
"…I’m suddenly not hungry."