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High As Finch

Joke name: High As Finch

Origins: In a chat revolving around a recent episode, the topic of Finch becoming high was surely up for hot debate. Some people doubted his drug induced insanity, but these claims were surely declined by the statement ‘no one would act this stupid/hilarious if they weren’t high’. Finch danced, he rambled, he said he had never been alrighter. Well, we like to believe that he has truly never been alrighter and that he is making us all dinn-ah in the chatroom as we speak. Eventually phrase ‘High As Finch’ was coined and is a common expression, if not a hilarious one.

Relevance when used: If you are acting weird / odd / high, then surely expect an Irrelevant to ask you ‘are you as high as Finch?’ and your answer better be no; because no one can be as high as Finch.


“Oh my god you guys; I feel high right now.”
"High as Finch?"
"I wish."

"That one is as high as Finch."
"Shut up D:<"