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Hiatus Fics / Three Sentence Fics

Name: Hiatus Fics / Three Sentence Fics

Origin: If you can’t tell, this show has a LOT of hiatuses. Every few episodes there seems to be this insane need for a break and start reruns once again. However, the Irrelevants were quite clever and took something good out of an annoying situation - Hiatus fics. In other words, fics when the show is on hiatus. These fics are in three sections - hence the ‘three sentence fics’ title for them.

Relevance when used: When people are stating they are accepting prompts for “three sentence fics” or “hiatus fics” it simply means you can send then prompts and they will attempt to write a short piece based off your idea. It’s quite fun!


"Time for some new Three Sentence fics you guys! Send your prompts in."

"I wrote this for the hiatus fics, hope you enjoy it :)"

NOTE: To see past fics , I suggest searching through the PoI Hiatus Fics tag.